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Pre | Post surgery massage

If you are planning to have or already had a liposuction or a cosmetic surgery the right pre and pos operatory will be essential to help you achieving the best results.

Our pre and post cosmetic surgery session include many options of treatments to help your body recovering quicker from your surgery:

- lymphatic massage

- stretching

- respiratory exercises 

- taping (if needed, add on)  

If need we can also add taping during your session. This will help reduce bruising and swelling, and allow your body to heal much faster.

The right technique will be defined after your first visit. 

1st visit 1.5 h $150

Other sessions:

1h $110 (1 area)  

1.5h $150 (more than 2 areas) 


Taping $40 per area

Scar therapy $40

Radiofrequency $80 per area 

Ultrasound $ 60 per area 

Fibrosis : If you has fibrosis or seroma , treatment plan and cost will be decided after consultation.

Pre | Post surgery Radiofrequency 

Maintaining skin elasticity after cosmetic can be a concern for many patients. Generally, we expect the skin to retract to fit its new shape but there are some cases it won't happen without specialised skin tightening procedures
Individual results will vary, since your age, skin type, and the amount of fat removed will affect how your skin recovery after liposuction.

- When can you start ? 8 weeks after surgery BUT it is necessary a consultation before to go ahead as every body heals differently.

1 area 30min  $100  Extra areas: $60

Package of 10 $900 

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